Digital Marketing Course in Patiala

Digital Marketing Course in Patiala

Digital Marketing Course Patiala – Are you want to make your career in a wealthy way. Then do not think just come at our digital marketing course in Patiala will give you the best prosperous career. Through our digital marketing course in Patiala, you will become an entrepreneur also. Nowadays, the value of digital marketing going to be increasing. Therefore, People will like to move with technology. Through this course you get will higher salary, Good high profile job, as well as some reasonable goals, can achieve in your life.

Join PIIM for the Best Digital Marketing Course in Patiala

Digital Marketing is the methodology of mouldings’ customers need by the digital marketing procedure as well as techniques to impact crowd by the statics, marking, illustrations and substance. 

Also, on the procedure, Digital marketing training in Patiala is the person who accepts by making understudies mindful and giving them legitimate training on this.  Moreover, at PIIM, our IT professionals of Digital marketing training in Patiala nearby master and top-notch layout and perception order frequency of the course in the field of digital marketing. 

Generally, we at PIIM give the fantastic prepare to our understudies that they can pick up the achievement in their life by joining the Digital Marketing institute in Patiala. Therefore, our digital marketing institute in Patiala has positioned the most elevated situation by giving the best digital marketing course. 

Why PIIM Digital Marketing Training Institute in Patiala is the Best?

However, In this world, each new understudy needs to accomplish something out of the crate, and you need to live in your whimsical world, there you gain huge achievement and regard. Thus, we see how an individual holds significance.  We are a digital marketing training institute in Patiala parsing you to get your fantasies in all actuality since we have faith in you and your fantasies as well.  What is more, if you are one who needs to be the Digital Marketer, then you are correct since you have made one stride ahead to satisfy your fantasy. 

As we referenced why digital marketing training institute in Patiala is the best digital marketing institute since understanding understudies need is our earlier theme and we set you up for a superior future by giving you significant influence by the IT professionals with the high innovation and hardware. 

Handle the new module of digital marketing by understanding the strategies for it

Furthermore, our specialists in IT segments will assist you in educating the significance of digital marketing right now and what are the requirements for the development of any business.  Thus, our association and talented group will help you with the essentials of digital marketing which are mainly required right now. 

However, The prime of digital marketing training institute in Patiala is extraordinary and named the best and progressed digital marketing. Hence, Fasten the digital marketing and marking information by locking your seat and yourself in digital marketing training institute in Patiala.  And get familiar with the authority of marketing as well as marking in the severe period with no boundaries to satisfy every one of your wants and dreams Google digital marketing course in Patiala. In addition, our specialists will show you the development strategies of innovation.


  • Firstly, Understand the fundamental and advance modules of digital marketing 
  • Snatch the opportunity to figure out how to target guests as well as traffic 
  • Lastly, Absorb the customary marketing 

Methodology Flow of advance digital marketing exercises 

  • A powerful marking procedure 
  • Coordinating marketing efforts 
  • Unreasonable serious battles as well as techniques 

The need for Digital Marketing 

  • An equitable marketing vision can assist a business with growing quick. 
  • This will aid the serving significance to clients or customers. 
  • Moreover, Digital Marketing can assist organizations with growing in entire abroad. 
  • Reliable marking and technique can be the imperative of accomplishment for any organization as well as business. 

Advance the information and need of digital marketing with our professionals at Google digital marketing course in Patiala to comprehend the profundity statics of each customer, clients and business need by instructing yourself the digital marketing training in Patiala.


UNIT 1:- Digital Marketing Overview 

  • What is marketing? Understanding the Marketing Process 
  • Why Digital Marketing prevails upon customary Marketing? 
  • Understanding Digital Marketing Process 
  • Increasing Visibility/Visitors/Targeted Traffic 

UNIT 2:- Website Planning and Creation (Dynamic and Responsive) 

  • Understanding the Internet as well as web 
  • Space names and area extensions/Hosting 
  • Different types of web servers/Websites 
  • Building website utilizing CMS in Class 

UNIT 3:- Email Marketing 

  • What is email marketing? 
  • How email functions? 
  • Types of email marketing-Opt-in as well as mass emailing 
  • What is the pick in email marketing
  • Setting up email marketing account 
  • Best stages to do select in email marketing 

UNIT 4:- Digital Promotion( PPC Advertising Google Ad Words ) 

  • Google Ad Words/Ad words account structure 
  • Creating Search Campaigns 
  • Understanding keywords/Creating promotions 
  • Creating Display Campaign as well as Optimizing 
  • Remarketing 

UNIT 5:- Google Analytics 

  • Prologue to Google Analytics- 
  • How Google analytics functions 
  • What is interface labelling/filters as well as segments 
  • The most effective method to view customized reports 
  • Observing traffic sources 
  • Taking corrective activities whenever required 

UNIT 6:- Social Media Marketing 

  • What is Social Media? 
  • Understanding the existing Social Media ideal models as well as Psychology 
  • How social media marketing is different from others 
  • Types of Internet marketing 
  • Face book marketing 
  • LinkedIn Marketing 
  • Twitter Marketing 
  • Video Marketing 

UNIT 7:- Online Display Advertising

  • What is Online Advertising?
  • Show Advertising/advertising
  • What are the Payment Modules?
  • Companies that provide online advertising arrangement
  • Creating Banner Ads Using Tools

UNIT 8:- E-commerce Marketing

  • What is E-commerce?
  • Integrating Woo-commerce as well as setting up an e-commerce store on Word Press.

UNIT 9:- Mobile Web Marketing

  • Understanding Mobile Devices
  • Creating a mobile website through Word Press
  • Use of apparatuses to create mobile Websites
  • Use of apparatuses to create a mobile application

UNIT 10:- Content Marketing and SEO

  • What is Content Marketing?
  • What is SEO?
  • The objective of content marketing
  • Content marketing seven steps strategy building process
  • Approaches to monetizing authority Blog
  • How to market your content?

UNIT 11:- Online Marketing Course in Patiala Management

  • What is online marketing management?
  • Why online marketing management is the need of our
  • Understanding the ORM scenario
  • Step by step instructions to deal with analysis online

Different ways to create a positive brand image online

  • Understanding devices for checking online reputation
  • Step by step guide to overcoming the negative online reputation
  • Best examples of online reputation management


  • A wide range of career option
  • Discover professionalism in you
  • Handsome salary Flexible
  • Deployment of your skill from one company to another